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Le nozze di Figaro | Count Almaviva
Hänsel und Gretel |
Peter Besenbinder
| Valentine
Il Barbiere di Siviglia
| Figaro
Die Lustige Witwe
| Danilo

from various performances

copyright Marco Borggreve

Le nozze di Figaro
role: Count Almaviva
Opera Zuid, 2010

"But the most surprising is Willem de Vries, who is an uncommonly light baritone for the role of Count Almaviva, but nevertheless is entirely convincing. He also has an aristocratic appearance, which makes the chain saw he pulls out of his bag whilst trying to open the suspicious cabinet especially humorous."
De Volkskrant, Frits van der Waa
"Willem de Vries (Count Almaviva) was een convincing womanizer."
Eindhovens Dagblad, Mieske van Eck
"Willem de Vries sung well…"
Trouw, Kees Arntzen
Hänsel und Gretel Humperdinck
role: Peter Besenbinder
Opera Zuid, 2010
"The baritone Willem de Vries and the soprano Miranda van Kralingen form a sympathetic couple that in modern day would qualify for welfare and food stamps."
Den Haag Centraal, Aad van der Ven
"Father Peter, baritone Willem de Vries, sings and plays his role excellently. He has a warm timbre and with his calm manner of acting is a worthy antagonist for the exhausted mother."
Cultuurbewust, Erik Theunissen
"Willem de Vries as the father with his present baritonal quality…"
Der Neue Merker, Jan Hendriks
Faust Ch. Gounod
role: Valentin
Opera Zuid, 2009
"Willem de Vries (Valentin) presented himself securely and precisely"
Das Opernglass, W. Kutzschbach
"Willem de Vries gives Valentin an aggressive character with a clear baritone sound. He is convincing with his concentrated vocal use and he knows how to display antiquated longing."
Opernnetz, Franz R. Stuke
Il Barbiere di Siviglia Rossini
role: Figaro
Opera Zuid, 2008
“Willem de Vries is a remarkable good and sonorous Figaro.”
Trouw, Peter van der Lint
“Dutch baritone Willem de Vries is a lively Figaro and his aria is immediately a high point.”
Theater Centraal, Marc Duijnstee
“Dutch baritone Willem de Vries sung with formidable élan, expression and strength in ‘Largo al factotum’. Afterwards he demonstrated how beautifully he could sing piano passages.”
Opera Gazet, Hendrik Verhoeven
Die Lustige Witwe Léhar
Opera Zuid, 2006

“Danilo, who is an excellent type-cast Willem de Vries”.
Traditional ‘Merry Widow’ by Opera Zuid-NRC Handelsblad, Mischa Spel

“But the real joy comes from both main caracteres, Willem de Vries en Francis van Broekhuizen,
who prove to be to upcoming stars of at least national size”.

Effective ‘Widow’ by Opera Zuid-De Volkskrant, Frits van der Waa


“Willem de Vries, a melodious count Danilo with his light baritone voice has the strongest vocal additions.”
Merry ‘Widow’ by Opera Zuid-De Telegraaf, Thiemo Wind


“Willem de Vries, an easily singing and acting count Danilo.”
Elegant ‘Merry Widow’ by Opera Zuid-Trouw, Sandra Krooke


“Vocally Willem de Vries had the most to offer, his generous baritone added a clear shape to the music.”
‘Merry Widow’ entertaining-Eindhovens Dagblad, Marjolein Sengers


“Willem de Vries is a nice, souple, noble baritone.”
War of roses and a diplomat’s Ball-Opernfreund, Dirk Altenär



“The part of Christus was very expressively interpreted by baritone Willem de Vries; with his eyes set on the public, he knew how to make his role very exciting.”
Impressive Matthäus - Franeker-Leeuwarder Courant, Jeanine Kramer
“Out of the soloists Willem de Vries was the most impressive.”
In an AD-Rotterdam Dagblad article featuring Jan Rot discussing Brahms’ Requiem, Ger van der Tang

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